Urgent Care

If you don't have medical insurance or your current insurance has high deductibles and copayments, you can still take advantage of quality non-life-threatening healthcare at affordable prices through an urgent care facility.

Urgent Care A Better Alternative

Real Doctor Care

Urgent care facilities offer both primary care and urgent care services as long as the health condition is non-life-threatening. An urgent care membership is not an insurance plan, but a program designed to encourage you and your family to see a doctor when you have been injured or are simply not feeling well.

Healthcare Membership Program

An urgent care membership is perfect for all types of individuals who want access to affordable healthcare, such as those who are uninsured, insured with high deductible plans, and companies with employees. Members have access to special benefits such as unlimited visits, $10 copays, 24 hour TeleMedicine calls and more.

Convenient Affordable

For those who don't want a Membership program, you can still benefit from affordable healthcare at an urgent care center. Walk-in patients can pay a reasonable doctor visit fee, or if you have private insurance, the urgent care staff can bill your insurance company according to the plan guidelines for outside services.

If you need non-life-threatening medical care, just walk in to an urgent care center and they will be glad to assist you. Better yet, sign up for a healthcare membership program through your local urgent care facility in advance for you and your family. You will soon find out how easy and affordable getting quality healthcare can be.